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Schedules and holidays in Cuba


Days of national commemoration and holiday in Cuba

· January 1st: Anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban revolution.
· May 1: International Day of workers
· July 26th: Day of the National revolt.
· 10 October: Anniversary of the beginning of the wars of Independence.
They declare themselves as a holiday on both January, the 25th and the twenty-seventh of July; Twenty-five and thirty-one December of each year. The law may have other days of national and statutory commemoration.

In the days of national commemoration and holidays, there is a break from work activities with the exception of those relating to the continuous production process industries and other work and urgent and inajournables tasks. In this case, transport, hospital and assistance services, pharmacies, funeral companies and cemeteries are included; Fuel stations, housing services, tourist centres, communications and other authorized by law.

Restaurants, cafeterias, public shows, food trade and other activities related to the development and sale of foodstuffs to the population work in the timetable of the bodies, bodies and national entities Respective.
When the days of national commemoration the first of May and ten of October coincide with a Sunday, the Sunday rest moves for the following Monday.

Each year is officially commemorated, the following ephemeris:
· January 28: birth of the National hero José Martí Pérez.
· February 24: The cry of Baire.
· 8 March: International Women’s Day
· March 13th: Revolutionary attack at the presidential palace
· April 16: Day of the militiaman
· April 19: Girón Beach victory
· May 17: Day of agrarian reform and Cuban peasant.
· July 30th: The death in the field of Frank País García, the day of the Martyrs of the revolution.
· August 12: Popular victory against the tyranny of Machado
· October 6: Day of the victims of State terrorism
· October 8: Death in the field of Commander Ernesto che Guevara de La Serna, on the day of the heroic guerrilla
· 28 October: The disappearance of Commander Camilo Ciefuegos Gorriarán
· 27 November: The execution of medical students, day of student mourning.
· December 2: The landing of the expeditionaries of the Granma, the day of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.
· December 7: Death in the field of Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo Grajales, the day of the dead in our wars of independence and in the internationalist struggles of our people.

In the days of official commemoration there is no break for work activities. Public festive and humorous shows suspended its activities on the 30th of July and the seventh of December.
Other general Hours:
The museums open from 10:00 hours and usually remain closed on Mondays. Theatres respond to the specific schedules of its programming.

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