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Travel Insurance for Cuba
During a trip to Cuba , in addition to the tourist card , travel insurance is compulsory. Below is an overview of this insurance and how to obtain it.
What is travel insurance?
It is an insurance policy that every traveller in Cuba to ensure to have this insurance policy is especially not to be confused with the travel cancellation insurance, flight delay, baggage insurance or any other gadget that you carry with you in the country.
Rather, an insurance policy that guarantees medical assistance in the host country and the cost of the latter in the event of an accident or any other situation requiring medical care, as well as the full cost of repatriation to the country of origin or permanent residence if the medical situation so requires.
It is also an essential condition to ensure that all travellers are covered by this insurance policy; as part of a family or group trip. The insurance must be personal and nominal for the older persons, it must be custom contracted according to the health status of the insured person.
It is therefore imperative, as a general rule, to ensure that it is covered throughout the period of the desired stay.
How and where to obtain repatriation insurance and medical assistance abroad:

As a general rule, this insurance policy is included in all bank cards: Visa , Visa Premier , Master Card Classic Master Gold. Alternatively, you can search your property and casualty insurance package, because some insurers include this insurance policy without telling you so, so before proceeding with the purchase of this policy, please check that you already have this product.

However, it is essential to take stock with your insurance provider before you embark on travel, especially for those entitled to it; such as your minor children, and how old they can be covered by the parents’ policy and under what conditions.
Insurers apply their special conditions in addition to the general rules of the insurance authority. It must therefore be no surprises.




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